Planning a Catering Service for Your Wedding

The process of planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting yet challenging times of the whole experience. Understandably, you want the very best for your special night. One of the most challenging tasks is selecting the right catering service for your wedding.

How to Select a Caterer

One of the most important things that you can do to find the right catering service is to know precisely what you want to serve at your wedding. This will allow you to narrow down your search and accurately convey to the catering company what you expect from them. Once you’ve lined up some potential candidates, it is best to set up individual interviews with each one. Within these interviews, according to Vibrant Table, you should taste test the specific food you want for your night. The catering service should also give you an estimation of the cost as well as present any available packages that they offer for weddings.

What to Serve

Often, there is a misconception that all catering services are created equal, which cannot be further from the truth. First, you should always share the size of your guest list with your preferred caterer. Some catering service may not have the workforce or equipment to serve large crowds, such as those typically found at a wedding or corporate event. Next, make sure the caterer can serve the items you want. One of the best ways to ensure that not only are you receiving great food but that you’re also providing the food your guests like is to send out food option letters along with your wedding invitations. This can provide you with a reasonable estimation of the cost that you will pay to provide these options. Another thing to think about is whether you’ll serve alcohol at your wedding reception and, if so, how you’ll serve it. Providing an open bar is becoming more and more common at weddings. Asking your preferred caterer if the inclusion of a bartender can help you lower the cost as a package sale should be your first move. As a side note, always make sure your guests are not being overserved at the event. According to WB&T, even a blood alcohol level below the legal limit increases the risk of an accident.

Understand Your Contract

Wedding caterers are experts in putting on a show for potential clients, but the most important thing to keep in mind is not the display of your food but what is displayed in your contract, according to Aisle Planner. Often, wedding couples will receive a higher bill than what they agreed upon during the interview due to the fact that they didn’t read their contract carefully or at all. Some caterers will begin charging a fee after a certain amount of hours or a fee for bringing in extra workers to help. It cannot be overstated enough that you should always read and re-read your contract before signing your name.

Planning your wedding should be a fun and memorable experience. This can certainly be accomplished by remaining aware of your options and being proactive about those decisions. Simply follow the list above to begin laying down the foundation of a successful wedding night.

Besides a great caterer, you’ll need a great DJ for your wedding. Contact us for pricing on our DJ services!

Hillary and Jeff’s Wedding at Bartlett Hills Golf Club Event Venue

For Paul, it’s always an honor to provide his top tier Chicago wedding DJ services for a friend from college! DJ Paul Michaels and assistant Michael were recently honored to work the wedding for Jeff and Hillary at Bartlett Hills Golf Club Event Venue. Paul met Jeff at Bradley University where they both went to school.

Jeff and Hillary held their wedding ceremony earlier in the day at St. Matthew United Church of Christ in Wheaton, IL. Later in the day when they arrived at the reception venue, the room was ready to go and looked beautiful for them to celebrate with their family and friends.  As you can see in the gallery below, the Bartlett Hills golf club event venue space makes for a great place to hold a celebration. 

Paul Michaels Events provided full room uplighting with our elite wedding package which includes moving head lights on 2 meter tall lighting totems. With this setup, the guests were sure to be dazzled, and the additional ambiance and feel, along with the wedding guests and party, made this an ordinary wedding reception extraordinary!

Once DJ Paul and Assistant Michael got the night going, they didn’t stop until the very last song (where of course, the guests chanted for “one more song!”). 

We had a blast celebrating with Jeff and Hillary and their family and friends, and we sincerely wish them a great European honeymoon!


Services by Paul Michaels Events: Bartlett Wedding Reception DJ, Bartlett Wedding Uplighting Services

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Bartlett Hills Golf Club
Photography: Jolie Images
Cake/Bakery: The Baking Institute in Northbrook, IL
Floral: Twigs Flower Shop in Lake Bluff, IL

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Dj’ing the Joliet Central HS Homecoming 2019

The party never stops at Joliet Central High School, and that’s exactly what we experienced providing our DJ services for their Homecoming Dance. From the moment we started providing our tasty mashups and tunes, the room became energized, and so did the students….who seemed to stay on the dance floor the entire night.

Once they flooded the dance floor, it quickly became hard to find a spot for anyone else. That didn’t discourage these kids in the slightest, as they just kept packing the dance floor and accumulating their energy to keep the party going all night. This was partially thanks to the super exclusive musical experience these students got to be a part of by having us Dj their dance. Not only did we play their favorite jams, but did them one better: MUSIC VIDEOS! Their faces stared shockingly in amazement once they saw their favorite songs displayed on the big screen. Incredible visual displays and graphics also accompanied these videos on the screen thanks to a professional graphic artist doing live video switching.

Tag on a full overhead live controlled lighting display with the addition of full room up lighting, and you have the ultimate dance party experience. To say these kids were “lit” is merely an understatement. A new word will have to be invented for the amount of energy these kids had that night, which knowing teenagers won’t take long at all.

It was an amazing experience for us to be a part of this special night at Joliet Central High School and we can’t wait to be back to rock the party once again.  

Check out some of our candid pictures below and feel free to tag yourselves on facebook by clicking here! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer. 

Chicago Christian HS 2019: High School Dance DJs Chicago

It was a pleasure to be invited back to Palos Heights, IL to provide our services at Chicago Christian High school’s Homecoming dance.  We were extremely excited about heading back out there as our last experience providing our High School Dance DJ services ended on a very high note.  These guys love to dance, and the fact that there was never a dead moment on the dance floor, is always a great sign for a great time. This visit was no different, because we came back bigger, badder, and better.

We brought an upgraded sound system that included 4 subwoofers and line array tops. As you can imagine, this created an earthquake of musical exhilaration. The addition of live controlled lighting displays definitely electrified the room, enhancing the overall experience and bringing the party to an entirely new level.

There was a great musical blend of new school with old school that we used to get the students and even some staff members bustin’ moves all night. Whether it was in the form of a conga line, a soul train line, or a mosh pit, there were always feet on the floor and hands in the air. It was a blast, the students didn’t seem to want to leave, and it always makes it fun for us to rock their night. We look forward to going back and doing all again.

There is no doubt that one of the best parts of being High School Dance DJs in Chicago is actually getting to take part in these types of high school dances. The energy, the attitudes, and the atmosphere is always top notch.

We hope to be back at Chicago Christian to light up the night for their next dance once again and be a part of creating memories that will last with these students a lifetime.  


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Martha and Jean-Alexis’s Wedding at the Metropolitan Club in the Willis Tower

Just last weekend we had the opportunity to DJ for an awesome couple, Martha and Jean-Alexis for their wedding at the Metropolitan Club at the Willis Tower. Jean-Alexi is from France, and was lucky enough to have so many of his family and close friends be able to make the trip to Chicago for their ceremony and celebrations. With the wedding being on the 66th floor of the Willis Tower, you can imagine the views everyone was able to experience during the reception.

After a cocktail hour in the ‘Chicago’ room, the couple and their guests moved to the ‘Oak’ Room to get the night started. After having some speeches in multiple languages (English, and French, of course) we opened up the dance floor and kept rocking with the couple and their friends and family all night. 

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Chicago Wedding Reception DJ

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Metropolitan at the Willis Tower
Photography: Meghan Leigh Photography
Cake/Bakery: Bittersweet Pastry Shop
Floral: Goldie’s Flower Shop

Check out some of our candid pictures below and feel free to tag yourselves on social media by clicking here! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer. 

Amber and Corey’s Wedding at Columbus Park Refectory in Chicago

In late September, Amber and Corey held their wedding at the Columbus Park Refectory in Chicago. Columbus Park Refectory is a beautiful landmark showcasing Spanish-influenced architecture, arched entryways, and more, which makes it a very popular destination for weddings.

Since both the ceremony, and cocktail hour were planned to be held outdoors, the couple was scared and worried (as can be expected) considering the incredible thunderstorms that rolled through Chicago the night prior.  But, as fate would have it, the weather held out, and just as the ceremony music started, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds for just a few minutes, which made for a moment that won’t be forgotten by any of their guests (or vendors for that matter!)

DJ Terry and Assistant Adam were on the scene to create a music atmosphere every step of the way.  Amber and Corey and their guests got to follow the sounds of Paul Michaels Events every step of the way, since we provided audio coverage for every area (ceremony in the pavillion, the outdoor cocktail hour, the dinner/reception area, and of course the room for dancing!)  Of course, it wasn’t until dancing when we got to see this couple’s true colors.  They really let loose on the dance floor.

Finally, the new Mr. and Mrs. were sent off through a tunnel of sparkers for an incredible sparkler exit created by all their loved ones.  It was a great time with all ups and no downs.  

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Chicago Wedding Reception DJ, Chicago Wedding Ceremony Music, Chicago Wedding Uplighting

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Columbus Park Refectory
Photography: Erin Hoyt Photography
Catering: Inspired Catering and Events
Videography: Newlyweds Cinema, Inc
Photobooth: XOXO Photo Box
Floral: Belles and Thistles Floral Design

Check out some of our candid pictures below and feel free to tag yourselves on social media by clicking here! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer.