What to Look for in a Getaway Car For an Outdoor Wedding

Planning for your wedding is likely one of the most exciting moments of your life. While exciting, the innumerable factors to consider can also make this time somewhat stressful. Because of this, some couples choose to go with the “standard” options for many aspects of their wedding, without giving a thought to what they truly want or need. One of these aspects is the getaway car you choose. Here are some things you should think about as you look for the perfect one for your outdoor wedding.

Ditch the Limo

The traditional choice for a wedding vehicle is the classic white limousine. While this is certainly a mainstay of many weddings, it can also be a boring and impractical choice. Weddings have become increasingly outdoor-focused and adventure-driven events. Therefore, it only makes sense for your wedding day vehicle to follow suit. One of the most fun choices you can make for your wedding getaway vehicle is a four wheel drive SUV. These are not just a fun and imaginative choice. Instead, an SUV can also be an exceptionally practical and unique option. If you’re having your wedding on a mountain or a beach, Budget recommends a vehicle that can handle the challenges of driving on these types of terrain but that still gives you plenty of room. A midsize or intermediate SUV would probably be a good option. One of the more popular and well known vehicles of this class is a Jeep Cherokee.

Know Your Terrain

The locations of many wedding venues can be surprisingly treacherous. Whether you are planning a farm-based country wedding, a beachside ceremony or an adventurous mountain marriage, it is important to know that the vehicle you choose can get you and your significant other there safely. This is where a limo so often fails: A rough landscape requires a rough vehicle. Consider carefully the off-roading needs for your special day. The inclusion of the four-wheel-drive capability and higher ground clearance inherent in new SUVs makes them a great fit for many modern weddings. As Mountain Top Inn and Resort says, the location may limit guests’ ability to attend, so make sure to let them know beforehand that they may need to bring their own four-wheel drive vehicle to get there as well.

Roughing It Isn’t Rough

Perhaps the best aspect of modern off-roaders is that you are no longer required to compromise comfort for capability. After all, your wedding day is a day to pamper yourself and treat yourself to the utmost of luxury. There are plenty of SUVs that are both practical for four-wheel-driving situations and luxurious for your special day. Given this, you will feel right at home in the sumptuous leather interiors of any number of modern SUVs. Just because you need a little extra help getting to your destination doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a muddy, open-top Jeep or dune buggy.

Your wedding is unique to you. As such, you shouldn’t settle for the generic option. Choose a getaway vehicle that fits your needs as well as your personality. Find a spacious, capable and luxurious getaway vehicle and cruise away in style.

Another important thing to think about is the music for your wedding. Let us help with our DJ services!

Sara and Michael’s Wedding at Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont

Been a minute since we’ve been to Cog Hill Golf Club…

DJ Trois and DJ Paul Michaels were able to rock out at an awesome wedding and wedding reception at Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont with Sara and Michael and their families and friends. 

This was our first time at Cog Hill for Paul Michaels Events in a fairly long time, and it was definitely nice to be back. Cog Hill Golf Club is a great venue for weddings, corporate, and other events in Lemont. They have multiple areas that would fit your event, or you could hold your ceremony or main event in one area, cocktail hour in another, and a reception in a third.

For Sara and Michael, we wanted to make sure that we provided enough power for all of the audio to be heard clearly and correctly (as it was meant to be heard).  Obviously, you want the music and other audio to be heard and not under powered, but you we always want to ensure that we weren’t making anyone go deaf :-). To do this, we provided our base wedding PA package, along with a subwoofer. For lighting, we provided two wireless linked lighting bars… which looked awesome in this room if we do say so ourselves.

As we here at Paul Michaels Events always do, we got this party started and kept it going until the very last minute. Well, we actually went a few minutes over with the approval from the venue coordinator. Sara and Michael are such a great couple, we wish them years of happiness, and we definitely had a blast partying with all of their family and friends!


Services by Paul Michaels Events: Lemont Wedding Reception DJ, Lemont Wedding Uplighting Services

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont
Photography/Videography: Essence Photography and Video

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