The Ultimate Guide for An Amazing Bridal Shower

Having a bridal shower before your wedding day is an amazing pre-wedding event for many brides. A bridal shower is often an intimate and small-scale affair, and yet, it requires planning if you want it to be a success. Below are some tips to help you with planning your bridal shower.


  • Venue

As with every celebration, you need a venue to throw a bridal shower. However, because it’s a small party, sourcing for a venue is pretty easy. Bridal showers can be held at restaurants or at a relative’s house. But if you feel like being more out-of-the box, there are a lot of other venue options for you: a posh restaurant, a spa, a banquet hall, etc. 


  • Theme

Choosing a theme is optional but it certainly makes a bridal shower more fun. Centralizing a bridal shower will not only make it unique but can also make planning easier by establishing a theme to connect everything to.


The theme should be personalized in a way that reflects the bride’s uniqueness. You can coordinate  the outfits to the menu and decor ideas of the party to the theme.


  • Decor

Once you’ve decided on a theme, the next is to start purchasing or sourcing decor items that fit the theme. You can try to DIY your décor after getting inspiration from sites like Pinterest. You can also hire an expert if you feel a professional’s help is better.


  • Menu

No party is complete without excellent food. While planning the menu, you need to consider the size of the guest list, your guests’ needs and how you will be serving the food. 


Although small treats and finger foods are the most common in bridal showers, you can explore and do other ways of serving food to fit your event. Make sure whatever your caterers serve is enough to go round and you consider if your guests have allergies or special food needs.


  • Music and Games

Bridal showers should involve some great games to keep guests entertained. Plan and have fun games like trivia, icebreakers, bingo, etc. that will involve everyone. 


Also, don’t forget the music! It’s good to have a musical background for the celebration. If you are looking for some help with the entertainment, you can hire a DJ to entertain your guests or provide audio services. 


At Paul Michaels Events, we offer DJ services for weddings to clients across Chicago and its suburbs. Each couple and event is unique and we understand how to set the mood and create a fun and memorable party  for your wedding!


We take time to sit with our clients, know them, and understand their individual wants and needs.  Thus, we provide unique entertainment and experience to each of our clients.


If you want a fun and unforgettable wedding ceremony, simply let Paul Michaels Events help! Contact us today or send us an email to get started.

5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Wedding DJ

DJs are professionals who excel at using music to bring fun to any kind of event. They know how to read the crowd and keep them happy and excited. Conversely, because every client is different and has different needs, it is important to have some conversations with your DJ to get the most from them.


  • Your Input Greatly Matters

If you want the DJ to dictate all the songs to be played at your event, there’s no problem with that. Just give them some genres to start from and your DJ can take it from there. However, there’s no harm in creating your own playlist for them. While you shouldn’t try to plan every song that is played, feel free to create a list of your favorites for your DJ to work with. 


  • What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Your DJ will be in charge of playing music, right? Well, why not give them a hint on the type of music you like and want? You have the option to add your favorite songs to the DJ’s playlist too. Also, if you prefer some songs or genres over others, discuss with your DJ. Every client is unique and your day should reflect your taste.


  • What Music Do You Not Like?

Your “Do Not Play List” is just as important as your “Must Play” list. Ensure your DJ knows the songs or genres you don’t want to hear at your event. There may be many reasons that songs end up on the “Do Not Play List”, while your DJ doesn’t need to know the reasons, try to think of any song or artist that you (or an important guest) may have a negative reaction to.


  • What’s the Tone of Your Wedding?

Different wedding settings sometimes need different music playlists. For example, a ‘90s themed wedding will definitely require a different playlist from a traditional wedding. Let your DJ know the theme and tone of your wedding to enable him tailor a playlist that aligns with your event. 


  • Entertainment Options

There are so many other ways to have fun with music asides just dancing. You could play games like musical chairs, have a dancing competition, or a sing-a-long! If you’ll be playing a game or want something special that requires music, let your DJ know before the day so they can prepare for it.


At Paul Michaels Events, we understand that every client is different and we make it our job to have an in-depth conversation with our clients before the day. This enables us to understand their needs, their taste and tailor a playlist that suits them.


Want amazing music, fun and more fun at your wedding event? Click here to contact Paul Michaels Events today! You can also send us an email here,, to get started.

Annie and Alex’s Destination Wedding in Grand Beach, MI

bride and groom dancing at wedding in grand beach michigan

In times like these, it’s inevitable that couples trying to have the wedding of their dreams will face countless challenges. Thankfully Annie and Alex discovered Paul Michaels Events, which had the pleasure of providing their services for their celebration of marriage in early October 2020.

Their wedding took place in the beautiful, modest village of Grand Beach, Michigan. It started off with a wonderful ceremony near the village clubhouse. The ceremony was filled with familiar faces and voices, with the bride’s brother serving as their pastor,  and the worship pastor from their home church was able to provide delightful musical selections.

The reception took place in the backyard of a lovely house down the road. It may have looked small but looks can be deceiving!

We sent two of our DJs – DJ Brian and DJ Shannon who added a new level of energy and charisma, keeping the guests delighted all night long.

No dance floor, no problem! For this COVID-era wedding, we kept the music bumping, while guests social distanced all night. Our lights electrified the fun lawn games, and with this amazing group of people, the party never stopped!

For Grand Beach being such a small town, we’re pretty sure that this event ranks near the top of the list for the most incredible parties in the area, and we’re over the top that Paul Michaels Events could help make that happen! It was an amazing experience to be a part of Annie and Alex’s special day, and Paul Michaels Events hopes to be a part of many more to come for this couple and their friends!

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Michigan Wedding Reception DJ, Michigan Wedding Ceremony DJ

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:

Ceremony Venue: Village of Grand Beach Michigan
Photography: Annette Isabelle Photography
Catering: CK Catering
Rental House (Tents, Tables, etc): AAYS Rentals

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5 Tips for Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big thing on its own and planning a wedding happening miles away from you requires more effort. Hopefully, with some tips like the few gathered below, planning a destination wedding will be lots of fun.


  • Pick a Destination 

You probably already have a setting and destination in mind for your wedding. However, if you don’t or have multiple options, the first step is to decide on one. Depending on your budget and needs, find a city or venue that will work well with what you want. When thinking about destinations, you should make sure to think about the full experience and not just the ceremony and reception. For example, what might your guests do while they are visiting this destination? How will your guests get to this location? How much will this trip cost your guests?


  • Select a Date

You have to take into consideration the weather and season of the destination before you pick a date. Usually, the best time for a destination wedding falls during the tourist season. This means there will be large crowds, and it means many of the hotels and venues will be booked as well. If you want to do your wedding during those times, planning far in advance is especially important. Also, be sure to let your friends and family know about your plans so they can start their own travel plans around your event.


  • Check Out Your Wedding Destination in Advance

It’s necessary to take a scouting trip before your wedding day. In fact, if you can take more than one trip before the day, do so. This will let you have a first-hand experience of your wedding site and help you plan key aspects of the wedding better so there will be less surprises the day of. It will also help in scouting for a venue, hotel, wedding vendors etc.


  • Bring Your Vendors

Of course finding local vendors for certain types of services will be necessary (such as finding a local venue), but you may want to bring some of your vendors with you! If you have a particular vendor that you know and trust, it is worth bringing them to your destination wedding. Especially because so many things are so unfamiliar for a destination wedding, it is good to have a few vendors you can count on. At Paul Michaels Events we have done many destination weddings, especially in other countries. This is usually because a couple may want their more key vendors, like their DJ or coordinator, to be from their own country so they are familiar with the customs of your culture.


  • Research Local Marriage Requirements

Your destination country may have different legal requirements when it comes to marriage. For example, you have to arrive 40 days before your wedding in France for your marriage to be legally recognized. If there are strict requirements you may not be able to meet, you can have a civil ceremony at home  before you proceed for your destination wedding.


That being said, whether it’s a destination wedding or a wedding in the country, you need entertainment to spice things up!


Do you plan on coming to Chicago for your destination wedding? At Paul Michaels Events, we offer DJ and entertainment services and we work with couples planning destination weddings all the time. We have all of our meetings over video chat, and we’d be happy to do a venue site walk for you if you aren’t able to be there in person!! 


If your wedding is not in Chicago, Paul Michaels Events is ready to travel with you! We want to help bring your dream destination wedding to reality. We love getting to know our clients and making sure the entertainment is their style, even if it is in a different country.


Want a fun exciting wedding filled with amazing music? Let Paul Michaels Events be your DJ! Contact us here or send us an email at

3 Reasons Why a Professional DJ is a Necessity for Your Wedding DJ

Paul Micheal Djing

Your wedding is a special event that comes once in a lifetime! That alone is enough of a reason why you should make sure everything is taken care of so it runs smoothly that day. You should to have vendors you can rely on, including (but not limited to) your music and entertainment!

Not everyone with a wedding playlist can perform at your wedding. As a matter of fact, not every DJ is prepared to entertain at a wedding. Only a professional wedding DJ with appropriate skill,experience and equipment can handle this.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional wedding DJ; excellent reasons why a professional wedding DJ is a necessity at your wedding.



  • They Are Prepared For Wedding Customs


A professional wedding DJ will work with you on weaving the entertainment together with the wedding customs. This includes everything from introducing the bridal party to picking a song for the bouquet toss. With a professional wedding DJ, your entertainment will be integrated into the event to help the night run smoothly.


  • They Know How to Set the Mood for Every Event


One thing professional wedding DJs are known for is their ability to set the mood at weddings. They know exactly how to make every moment special and memorable at a wedding.

With their skills and experience, they know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They always know the right songs to play to keep couples and everyone in attendance entertained and on the dance floor.



  • They Have the Right Equipment


You can be assured that a professional wedding DJ will come with high quality sound equipment, lighting, and backups in the case that any piece of gear were to fail, and they can  set the stage for a promising wedding celebration.

This will help make the entire ceremony and reception something incrediblefor you and your wedding guests. This equipment is necessary to make sure everyone can hear all of the speeches, the ceremony and the music sounds good. Apart from having the right equipment, they will also offer other professional entertainment services to make sure your day is truly memorable. 



  • You Can Rely on Them for The Best of Entertainment 


Professional wedding DJs have the skill and expertise to make your day magical with all the right vibes and party spirit. You can rely on them for exceptional performance at your wedding. They will create the perfect atmosphere for an amazing celebration.  

If your wedding is in Chicagoland, we’ve got the best and most professional wedding DJs for you. We are Paul Michaels Events, the go-to wedding DJ! We offer excellent DJ and entertainment services and rock weddings like no one else can!

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Sara and Brad’s Wedding at the Surf Hotel and Chateau in Buena Vista, CO

What an incredible day for Sara and Brad!

The challenges of 2020 couldn’t stop Brad and Sara because they could not wait to marry each other. While Brad and Sara are originally from Chicago, they moved to Denver. So, they wanted to have a Destination Wedding to share what they love about Colorado with their family. So, they brought their family out to Colorado, and they also brought Paul Michaels Events!

The wedding took place in Buena Vista, Colorado, a cute town on the edge of the mountains. The venue, the Surf Hotel was right in the center of town but also had beautiful views and nature in every direction. The ceremony took place outside overlooking a river and gorgeous scenery. Paul Michaels Events provided the sound and equipment for the ceremony. It was a very special ceremony because it was officiated by the Bride’s aunt!
Guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour outside the ballroom, before filling into the ballroom and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Brad and Sara enjoyed their first dance together as a couple, and then they each shared a dance with their Moms! When the dance floor opened, it immediately filled with both friends and family enjoying the music and celebrating Brad and Sara. DJ Paul Michaels played some current favorites and some of the couples favorite throw-backs. As the celebration on the dance floor continued, guests enjoyed a photobooth and a courtyard area that had an outdoor fireplace blankets. If the smoothness of a wedding is any indication of the couple, then Brad and Sara have nothing to worry about because the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect.
We are so glad the Brad and Sara included us as part of their destination wedding. We wish them many years of happiness and adventures together.


Services by Paul Michaels Events: Destination Wedding Reception DJ, Destination Wedding Ceremony DJ

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:

Venue: Surf Hotel & Chateau in Buena Vista, CO
Photography: Cameron C Photography
Videography: Brendon T. Riha Media
Floral: Growing Wild
Sylvia of Knot Just Another Wedding

Check out some of our candid pictures below! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer.