How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Choosing your engagement ring is an important decision because it’s likely you’ll be wearing that ring for the rest of your life. There are many things for you to consider. So, make sure you have a plan for how to choose your ring before you get started.

Set a Budget

The first thing you need to do is create a budget for your engagement ring. There are many different standards people will use. For example, some people say you should spend three month’s salary on a ring. However, you shouldn’t feel confined by the ideas other people have. You want to make sure you make a decision that you can actually afford. Don’t go into debt just for the ring. You should begin by looking at your finances including your income and your expenses. This will help you determine what you can afford. You can also look at different financing options. One option is to begin saving up for a ring. You can also consider using a credit card to purchase your ring.

Know What You Are Looking For

Before you go looking for a ring, you should have a rough idea of what you are looking for. Diamonds are evaluated based on clarity, cut, color, and carat weight, or the “Four Cs”. Your cut can range from round to princess to marquise. Take a look at different cuts to determine which would be most appealing to you. It’s also important to know what size you are looking for. Once you have a size in mind, the clarity and other features can be adjusted to fit your price range. Having a rough idea of what you want will also make the search much easier. Without any idea, it could take you a very long time before you find the right ring.

Buy a Certified Diamond

When purchasing a diamond for your engagement ring, you should make sure you buy a certified diamond. A certified diamond is one that is evaluated by a gem lab and graded based on the four Cs without any bias. A diamond with a certificate will be much easier to compare to other diamonds and it can also be easier to shop online if you look for official certificates. Diamonds that are certified will also maintain their value compared to non-certified diamonds.

Buying an engagement ring involves more than walking into a store and picking one out. This ring is very important and will require some extra planning before you get started. Make sure you create a plan that will help you find the right ring.

Need a wedding DJ? We’ve got you covered!

Adriana and Michael’s Wedding at the Inn on Broadway in Rochester NY

Paul was recently back on the road for another destination wedding in Rochester, NY. Adriana and Michael tied the knot at St Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church for a traditional Ukrainian wedding ceremony. 

Later in the day, the couple and their guests made their way to the Inn on Broadway where DJ Paul Michaels and assistant Jamie were to celebrate with them in the beautiful reception hall gorgeously decorated by Erin McDonald and his team.

Of course, Paul Michaels Events is based out of Chicago, but we do provide Destination Wedding DJ Services all over based on special request. In this case, we were able to partner with Full House Entertainment in Rochester to source most equipment locally. 

Adriana and Michael couldn’t have been luckier with timing and New York State’s COVID restrictions. Just the week before their wedding, the state opened up restrictions to allow fully vaccinated guests to roam the reception hall without masks.

Photographer Natalie and videographer Darren were there to capture every incredible moment throughout the evening. We were able to work with the couple to make sure we blended special traditions and moments from their heritages and religions into the reception to make it a perfect blending of families and welcoming of the couple into the community (as part of a Ukrainian tradition).

From the time the dance floor opened until the very last song, DJ Paul and Assistant Jamie kept the dance floor packed!

Adriana and Michael – it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to come to New York for your destination wedding in Rochester to celebrate with you and your families! 

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Destination Wedding Reception DJ

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Inn on Broadway in Rochester New York
Photography: NSP Studio in Rochester
Videography: Jacquelyn Daley Photography
Florist/Decor: Erin McDonald Co

Check out some of our candid pictures below! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer.