Vendor Spotlight – Esenam Photography

Bride and Groom standing in a green house of greenery

We’ve worked with different wedding vendors over the years and it’s always such a wonderful shared experience. From photographers to wedding planners to officiants, they always bring their uniqueness to every event they touch. One of those vendors is Esenam of Esenam Photography; one of the most sought-after photographers in Chicago.


He is a remarkably talented photographer whose work is  emotionally driven. Esenam is also very versatile, as he does photojournalism for weddings, nature photography and more. We are so excited to have him on our vendor spotlight today!



  • What’s it like to work with him?


Working with Esenam is always an experience to cherish. He is easy to work with, kind, and gets along with everybody. By his unique services and excellent results, you will immediately know Esenam is an experienced photographer who loves what he does.



  • What photography items do they offer?


Esenam offers different wedding packages. After the event, clients can get albums, digital files, flush mount, prints, etc. He has many different options.



  • Are his services restricted to Chicago only?


No, they are not. Besides Chicago, Esenam is available to capture weddings across the United States and beyond. He will travel to where he is needed!



  • What does he hope to achieve with his pictures?


Esenam is more than just a photographer; he is a storyteller. His photographs reflect the raw emotions of the couple and everyone in attendance. Every picture he takes is unique, natural, and authentic. His ability to give a natural edit to pictures is also incredible.


Esenam Photography is a great option if you are looking for a photographer that will capture your special moments on your most special day. No matter what your wedding theme is, your persona will shine through the pictures. 


His works are so exceptional, and he treats every client like a close friend or family. Get in touch him by calling (630) 674-2405 or learn more about his services at


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Venue Spotlight – Pinstripes

dancing at a chicago wedding

Over the years, we’ve worked with multiple event venues, each of them boasting with their own unique features that make them excellent wedding venues. The Chicagoland locations of Pinstripes are easily some of the best dining and entertainment venues we’ve had the privilege of working with!


Situated in multiple locations including North brook, Oak Brook, and Downtown Chicago in Streeterville, Pinstripes is a beautiful event space that’s perfect for your special events. We have worked here on many occasions and our couples agree with us that Pinstripes is an excellent choice for a memorable wedding.Join us as we welcome Pinstripes to our weekly vendor spotlight series!


  • What does Pinstripes look like?


Pinstripes locations each have something special about their environments. Whether it be a great outdoor patio with fire pits, or a beautiful view of the water in Downtown Chicago, their venues are remarkably gorgeous. Whether you’re planning an event of 20 people or 1000 people, this venue offers various spaces that can accommodate a large number of guests.



  • What other entertainment do they offer?


Bowling lanes and bocce courts are just some of the many entertainment options awaiting couples at Pinstripes. This unique venue is appointed with amenities that guarantee you’ll have a fun time. Pinstripes also offers after-party celebrations, which makes it a great fit for couples leaning towards a wild yet fun wedding.



  • Do they offer other kinds of services?


Apart from the distinctive venue, Pinstripes offers set up services, decorations, a standby wedding manager, and more. This will save you the hassle of sourcing all these for these yourself. They also have a professional event team to work with you to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly and the reception is fun and memorable.



  • What is their menu like?


They serve American/Italian cuisine that always seems to be a hit. They also have great wine and beverage options.You can choose between family-style serving or something formal like a five-course meal. Each dish is made by talented chefs with locally-sourced ingredients.




  • What type of weddings can they host?


Whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, an intimate or grand wedding, we definitely  recommend Pinstripes because weddings held there look amazing.


Choosing this wedding venue will give your event a flair and vibe that few other event spaces can achieve. And because of how accommodating they are, you will be saved from the many inconveniences associated with other, less equipped wedding venues.


Aside from weddings, Pinstripes hosts birthdays, office meetings, and other special events too.


With this combination of amazing spaces, outstanding services, fine dining, and classic games, Pinstripes has everything it needs to make it one of the best wedding venues in Chicago, and we have everything you need for amazing music and entertainment at your Chicago wedding!


At Paul Michaels Events, we offer such excellent DJ and entertainment services that will be nothing less than perfect for your wedding event. We personalize every client’s services; we get to know our clients personally, enabling us to tailor our services in a way that befits their taste and personality.


Want to know more about our DJ services? Get in touch with us by calling 1 (773) 850-1763 or sending a mail to You can also contact us here and we’ll promptly reply to you and tend to any inquiries you have.

Vendor Spotlight – Galleria Marchetti


If you and your partner are making a start to your wedding planning, we know that you’ll have a wonderful time bringing your vision to life together. This is a fantastic time to share as a couple, as you work together to secure all of the details for your dream wedding day.


There are lots of different components to sort, and there’ll be a few moments where you feel like you have a to-do list that’s never-ending! But you’ll soon get through it, step by step.


First things first, you’ll want to decide upon a picture-perfect wedding venue. You will probably already know just how key it is to get good recommendations for any vendors or locations that you have in mind, and so we wanted to help you out by sharing one of our favorite spots with you.


So, in this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight blog posts, we’ve decided to shed our spotlight on this magnificent Chicago wedding venue.


The Galleria Marchetti boasts a number of magnificent, ornate spaces that absolutely radiate glamor. These include a combination of indoor and outdoor spots, with picture-perfect courtyards and gardens. The entire venue possesses a distinctive old-world charm, as the ultimate in European-inspired sophisticated style. This bright, light, and luxurious venue is the perfect location for a wedding day that combines a modern aesthetic with romantic, traditional splendor.


When it comes to hosting weddings, the Marchetti family possesses an unparalleled level of expertise. The family has been working in Chicago’s service and hospitality industry for almost a century. Today, the staff are of the highest caliber, providing exceptional service with the highest attention to detail, ensuring that your wedding day will go off absolutely flawlessly.


Now that you’ve got a gorgeous wedding venue in the bag, the next step is securing yourself some fantastic entertainment. At Paul Michaels Events, we also pride ourselves on the sensational quality of our entertainment services. We are professional wedding entertainment specialists and have earnt ourselves an outstanding reputation as one of Chicago’s top DJ companies.


We are committed to working with all of our clients on a close, personal basis, to ensure that the services you receive are bespoke and exactly match everything that you had hoped for on the evening. If you would like to tick another job off your wedding planning to-do list and secure your wedding entertainment with us, you can contact our team here.



Vendor Spotlight: Esenam Photography

It goes without saying really but, because a wedding day is quite simply the most magical day of your life, you want to make sure that every single element within it is absolutely perfect. However, it’s easy to spend all of these hours making sure that the flowers look stunning, then choose the first wedding photographer that you come across, assuming that the photos will look great just because they’re a professional photographer.


But it’s not always that easy. Yes there are loads of extremely talented photographers out there, but you want to ensure that the photographer that you choose for your wedding day is passionate about their craft, and will ultimately create priceless keepsakes for you, preserving all of the wonderful moments that occur in this special day. This is why recommendations are so key to finding the perfect wedding photographer for you.


At Paul Michaels Events, we have extensive experience in the wedding industry and so we have worked with countless other external vendors, including a number of absolutely sensational photographers. So, as we wanted to share this knowledge with you, we decided to dedicate this week’s edition of our blog’s vendor spotlight series to one such professional wedding photographer, Esenam Photography.


Based in Chicago, Esenam is an exceptionally talented photographer, who has received an amazing amount of praise and rave reviews, even being named one of the best wedding photographers in Chicago by CBS Chicago.


The images that he creates are bright, light and beautiful, images that radiate raw emotion in a way that is truly authentic to how these feelings and moments were experienced on the day. In his own words, ‘My goal is to create images that transcend trends and fads to become timeless, an heirloom. Images to be enjoyed by future generations as much as you will enjoy them in your lifetime.’


So, while you and your partner are stuck in lockdown together (with very little going on to distract you), we’d recommend taking some time to have a look at Esenam’s stunning online portfolio of images. We chose to spotlight this gifted photographer in our blog because we share his passion for his craft, and the exceptional quality of the bespoke service that he offers to his clients.


At Paul Michaels Events, we specialize in providing weddings across Chicago with superb entertainment services that are personally tailored to meet the exact wishes of our clients. Our fantastic experience in the industry means that we can provide you with flawless wedding entertainment for an evening that is absolutely unforgettable. So, if you’d like to find out more about our sensational range of entertainment services, you can quickly and easily get in touch with us through our website.

Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth Nord Photography

There are so many elements that go into making up a perfect wedding day. A couple will spend countless hours making sure that everything that happens, even the little details, are absolutely perfect. After the time and effort, it is only right that you treat yourselves to hiring a professional wedding photographer, who will capture the special intricate touches and the magical moments.


We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a huge number of amazing vendors,  so we wanted to use our experience to provide our clients with recommendations of some exceptional companies who we’ve worked alongside. In the upcoming weeks we will be presenting a spotlight series of our favorite vendors.


In this week’s edition of our vendor spotlighting series, we focus on the amazing work of Elizabeth Nord. She is a wedding photographer based in Chicago who is an absolute master of her craft.


Elizabeth Nord (also known as Liz) is a bright, friendly and bubbly lady. She forges a wonderful working relationship with her clients, always leaving them absolutely delighted with the images that she produced and smiles on their faces.


Liz is dedicated to capturing the intimate, joyful and unforgettable moments that happen in a wedding. The images that Elizabeth creates are glamorous and sophisticated, while also remaining heartfelt and full of sentiment. You and your partner will be sure to treasure her photos forever. In her own words, ‘being able to meet people like you and capture those precious and ever-so fleeting moments is one of my biggest joys’.


Elizabeth Nord Photography does photography sessions for many different events. This includes engagement, newborn and maternity sessions. Be sure to check out her work on her website!


We love Elizabeth’s dedication to her craft, as well as the way in which she works so closely with all of her clients. At Paul Michaels Events, we create personalized weddings for each of our clients and are committed to working with each couple on a very personal basis. We take the time to get to know our clients and so that we can be sure to make their wedding day special. In our experience, this is the best way to achieve absolute perfection. So, if you’d like to find out more about what we can offer you for your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.