5 Popular Wedding Music Genres

bride, groom, and guests dancing at a wedding

A wedding ceremony contains all the formalities but the reception is where the fun happens.  Music and entertainment get your guests on the dance floor to create the vibe of the wedding.


There are so many different music genres, styles, and themes you can pick from to make your wedding enjoyable. You will want to play some of your favorite tunes and also make sure to work with your DJ to add some crowd-pleasing songs to your wedding playlist. We came up with 5 music styles you and your guests are bound to love!



  • Rock & Roll


Rock & Roll is an excellent choice if you want feet hurrying on to the dance floor. It’s one of the most danceable music types there is for any kind of formal event. And with a wide range of songs from the 50s to 90s, nostalgia will be thick in the air too.



  • R & B 


R & B is always peaceful, romantic, inspiring, and will surely give your ceremony an intimate feeling. Spice up the tunes by mixing classics with contemporary songs. 



  • Latin


Latin music is a very passionate and exciting genre with popular dance styles and steps like salsa, samba, and merengue. This feisty music genre will motivate everyone to get up and enjoy the moment. Not everyone will know the steps but that won’t really matter as long as they’re having fun.



  • Jazz


Jazz comes in a wide variety of styles which makes it suitable for any type of event and ceremony. Whether you want it upbeat, smooth, or chilled, this genre will suit your reception and set the right mood for your guests.



  • Pop


Pop is an ideal genre for a younger and diverse crowd. With a mix of songs from popular artists and all-time favorites, expect an entertaining ceremony with much dancing and sing-alongs. While every wedding is unique, these 5 genres will surely provide you and your guests with a fun-filled experience.


Hiring a DJ who has the experience in your favorite genre and across many genres is important for getting the music you love.


At Paul Michaels Events, we understand that every wedding reception is different and each client and crowd enjoys different styles of music. We pair our couples up with a DJ that will know your style music  and that’s why we make sure we know our clients and what they seek, then deliver great music and entertainment that’s well above their expectations. 


Paul Michaels Events specializes on creating a dance-floor environment that will have guests dancing all night long! Contact us today at info@paulmichaelevents.com or browse our website at https://www.paulmichaelsevents.com/ for more information about us.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Wedding Vendors

wedding venue/vendor

Planning a wedding isn’t a one-man job. From the photography, to the venue, to music, and more, you need vendors to help take care of things. When it comes to choosing and hiring wedding vendors, there are a lot of things to consider, because your vendors will play an important role in the wedding coming together. We have listed the most common mistakes couples make when hiring wedding vendors.


  • Forgetting About Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a vendor. Create a budget broken down into categories and specific vendors. This will make it easy to hire a vendor that fits that budget and provides the services you need.



  • Not Checking the Venues Approved Vendor List

Some wedding venues have approved vendors that can work in that venue. This can help some couples narrow down their search. But for couples who already have a particular vendor in mind, can be a problem. Be sure to ask your venue if they have an approved vendor list and if they are willing to create exceptions in case they do.



  • Not Researching Your Vendors

Before hiring vendors, make sure you see what others are saying about them. Check out reviews, their websites (if there’s one), and the previous weddings or events they covered.



  • Not Meeting the Vendor

It is crucial to talk with your vendors before hiring them. You should ask your wedding vendors questions to ensure they are right for you. Speak with your vendors, build a relationship with them, and ensure you’re on the same page.



At Paul Michaels Events, working with us couldn’t be easier, because we know and appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a wedding a success. We value face-to-face consultations (or in these times video calls) because it gives us an avenue to know our clients and help us understand them better.


Want a fun, music-filled, and entertaining wedding party? Leave it to us at Paul Michaels Events; Chicago’s No. 1 DJ company. Get started today by calling +1 (773) 850-1763 or send a mail to info@paulmichaelsevents.com.

4 Myths About Wedding DJs

DJ table

It’s no secret that some couples are reluctant to hire a DJ because of the misconceptions surrounding them and their work. The misconceptions are not true! That’s why they are called misconceptions. Having a DJ at your wedding ceremony is a clever investment. Not only do  they make your wedding fun and lively. Listed below are some of the most common myths associated with DJs and their services.



  • Anyone Can Play Music


Yes, anyone can play music. But DJs go beyond the scope of utilizing Spotify and other similar services to play music at your wedding, because their music expertise can help them pick out the best song for each moment. Music is just one part of a DJ’s many roles. They also act as emcees, and set the mood of your event. They are responsible for entertaining everyone at your event. Obviously, that isn’t something just anyone can do.



  • All DJs at the Same


No, all DJs aren’t the same. There are DJs who thrive  with parties at clubs and bars; while some specialize in formal events and others excel at providing entertainment at wedding events. It is best to hire a DJ who has experience with weddings; the professionalism and gear required at a wedding will be different from that of a club, bar, birthday party, or corporate event.



  • It’s Easy to Be A DJ


The best DJs have invested time and money to improve and perfect their skills. For example, they have worked on mixing music, time management, event planning, mic technique, and audio knowledge, which aren’t easy to master. Like other careers, it requires a lot of hard work to become a pro. 



  • DJs just put on a Playlist 


As said earlier, being a DJ isn’t as easy as it looks. Playlists are for individuals listening to music on their headphones. A professional DJ reads the crowd and creates a mashup/playlist that will fit the audience and this in itself requires special skills. 


If your Chicago wedding is approaching and you’re looking for a DJ in Chicago, look no further than Paul Michaels Events. We are professional wedding DJs who excel at making weddings memorable and entertaining. We have entertained couples in countless events over the years, so we’re more than qualified to entertain you and your guests on your most special of days.


Arrange a consultation today by calling +1 (773) 850-1763 or visit our website, https://paulmichaelsevents.com/ to learn more about what we do and how we can make your wedding ceremony something to remember!

6 Common Wedding Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

Chicago bride tossing her bouquet

One of the best things about weddings is the fact there’s no standard or specific way to hold it.  Different people have different tastes, traditions, and beliefs. One rule simply can’t apply to all. Conversely, many misconceptions and ‘rules’ still attempt to alter or dictate the way weddings should be held. Below, we listed a number of misconceptions that we believe can be disregarded if it doesn’t match your style.



  • You Need to Leave for Honeymoon the Day After the Wedding


If you want to have a honeymoon immediately after your wedding, great!. But if you need time to unwind,your work schedule won’t allow it or you don’t have the money for your dream honeymoon, it’s okay to hold it off! The honeymoon should be fun and fit your schedule.



  • The Bride Must Wear White


Brides are often associated with white wedding gowns. Even though this is now labeled tradition, it’s not a hard and fast rule. Brides can wear anything they want and in any color they want. There is a unique range of looks and styles for every kind of bride and it doesn’t have to be white.



  • Groom Can’t See the Bride 


If you want to see your bride before the wedding, then go see her! Some people believe  that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.  If you are not one of those people, then it’s perfectly fine to see your partner before the wedding.



  • You Need A Cake


A traditional wedding cake is not fitting for every couple. Or maybe you don’t find value in a formal wedding cake. There are lots of other, innovative ways to forgo a formal wedding cake, or cake at all! Maybe try a small cake just for cutting, or do a completely different dessert display! 



  • You Have to Get Married on Saturday 


While this is the most popular day of the week for weddings, you don’t have to have yours that day. It’s fine if you prefer a Friday or even the middle of the week, like a Tuesday-if that works well for your schedule. Just make sure to also think about if that will work for your guests. 



  • You Must Have A Playlist for Your DJ


While DJs encourage you to provide a list of songs that you would love for your wedding, they do not want you to create an entire playlist. As a matter of fact, we suggest that you give us some songs and genres and then we pick the music based on the current environment and the vibe you want. Our job is, infact, to pick those songs! 


We sit with our clients to understand them and what they want. T then tailor a playlist according to that and handpick a DJ or DJs we believe would suit them well. 


If you want a fun, entertaining wedding, simply reach out to us and we’ll make it happen. Get in touch with Chicago’s No. 1 DJ and Entertainment company at  +1 (773) 850-1763 or visit our website at https://www.paulmichaelsevents.com/.


5 Reasons Why a Photo Booth is Exactly What Your Wedding Needs

Looking for a fun addition to your wedding day that will entertain all of your guests? We think we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.


Photo booths make for the ultimate addition to a wedding day’s entertainment, as a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and have a laugh together. Plus, they’re a great way for your guests to make some wonderful fun-filled (and super sentimental) mementos, that they can keep to remember your amazing wedding day by. 


We specialize in providing sensational entertainment for unforgettable wedding celebrations, and our clients always love having such a simple yet super effective piece of entertainment available to use throughout the day. So this is why we wanted to dedicate this blog post to sharing our top 5 reasons why a photo booth is just the thing that you need for your wedding day. 


  • It’s easy to set up and portable – photo booths are designed to be super easy to install, meaning they are a fantastic option suited for any venue.
  • Affordable – don’t worry about breaking the bank, photo booths are a super affordable addition to the day’s entertainment, providing an extra fun thing for your guests to enjoy. 
  • Something that everyone will delight in – because who doesn’t love a photo booth? It’s simple to use and understand, making it the perfect addition for your entertainment. Your whole range of guests (everyone from young toddlers to your grandparents), will absolutely delight in using it. 
  • Custom features – our photo booths even have great fun features that your guests can use to customise their photos and have a lot of fun with. You can choose your own background (you could even have a bespoke one with your names and the day’s date on it), and pick out silly masks and props to play around with. 
  • Keepsakes – photo booths are, of course, brilliant because they leave everyone with a gorgeous little memento to remember the day by. With our photo booths, we provide your guests with unlimited photo sessions, so they can keep coming back throughout the day. Plus, all of the photos are of a brilliant quality, making them the perfect treasured keepsake from your sensational wedding day. 


We are one of Chicago’s top DJ companies and professional entertainment specialists. At Paul Michaels Events, we have extensive experience providing unique, bespoke wedding entertainment that ensures all of our clients experience an absolutely showstopping celebration. If you’d like to learn more about the services that we can offer you, including our fantastic photo booth rental service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding DJ

5 tips for hiring the right dj


The entertainment on your wedding day is truly what completes the celebration, so it is extremely important that every couple finds the right  entertainment for them. Whether your goal is to have a packed dance floor at the reception or to have couples slow dance the night away, hiring a wedding DJ is an excellent choice!


When hiring a DJ company, you want to make sure that they are professional, willing to customize the music based on your taste and willing to do everything they can to make your wedding day the best it can be. We picked out a few tips that should help you in the search for  the right DJ for your party: 


Know Where to Look

The first tip to finding a good DJ is to do your research. When you get a name or recommendation, check out the DJ company’s website, ask questions, and see what others are saying about them on websites like WeddingWire or in their Google Reviews.

Meet in them Face to Face

You should meet your wedding DJ before your wedding. Make sure you click with them and make them understand what you want for your wedding. If you can’t meet in person, a video call is also a really great option for getting to know the DJ and if it is a good fit. 

Give the DJ Your Playlist and “Do Not Play” List

DJs often prefer to be left in charge of the playlist so that they can curate the music to match the mood of the room, but your input is important! By letting the DJ know the kind of music that you like can help them know your taste and style and pick out a great playlist for you.   Even more important, don’t be afraid to tell them if there are songs or artists that you don’t like! This will help ensure that you love the music all night long.

Make Sure They Specialize in Weddings

There are so many DJs out there who may not specialize in weddings. Not only is the music at a nightclub completely different from what you hear at a wedding, you want a DJ that can help lead guests through the whole evening. Finding a DJ that specializes in weddings ensures that they know how to make announcements at the right time, have the right gear for the space and can work with your other vendors to make the evening run smoothly.


Do you have an upcoming wedding in Chicago?

Are you looking for the best possible entertainment for the momentous affair, don’t you? Look no further than Paul Michaels Event! We love to make every wedding special for each couple and know how to put on a great party! 

Check out our website, https://www.paulmichaelsevents.com/, or contact us by calling +1 (773) 850-1763 to find out more about us and how we can make your wedding an event to remember!

Kristina and Tim’s Wedding at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel

DJ Paul Michaels and assistant Michael were recently honored to celebrate with Kristina and Tim for their wedding at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel. 

Kristina and Tim held their wedding ceremony earlier in the day at Second Presbyterian Church in Chicago. Later in the day when they arrived at the reception venue, the room was ready to go and looked beautiful for them to celebrate with their family and friends.  As you can see in the gallery below, the Renaissance in downtown Chicago event venue space makes for a great place to hold a celebration, with an incredible view of the skyline of downtown! 

In addition to a cocktail hour setup for music in the pre-reception area, Paul Michaels Events provided full room uplighting with our elite wedding package which includes moving head lights on lighting totems. Of course, everything went exactly as planned and it was a celebration that will be happily remembered by all!

We had a blast celebrating with Kristina and Tim as well as their family and friends!

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Downtown Chicago Wedding Reception DJ, Downtown Chicago Wedding Uplighting Services

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
Photography: Prudence Photography
Floral: Flowers for Dreams

Check out some of our candid pictures below and feel free to tag yourselves on social media by clicking here! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer. 

Melanie and Anthony’s Wedding at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont

In Mid September we were able to help bring Melanie and Anthony’s perfect wedding to fruition. They held the wedding at the Loews O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont. We met Melanie and Anthony back in September (2019) at the Bridal Expo Chicago bridal show at Drury Lane. Right when we met them we knew we had immediately built a relationship with them, and we think at that time, they knew we would be their perfect DJs for wedding.

Melanie and Anthony had a mixed Persian/American wedding that was DJed by DJ Paul Michaels and DJ Shannon. Because of their wedding being a mixed ethnicity wedding, they knew they’d have a few out of the ordinary requests for their DJs. At Paul Michaels Events, we’ve always said that we LOVE unique weddings. Sure, we can do a ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding, but we’d much rather help make our couple’s weddings unique.

For their wedding, we brought out a larger than average sound system to cover the large ballroom at the Loews Hotel, and it sounded awesome!

While we’re always happy to work with couples to play any type of ethnic music, of course, we may not have any of our DJs who are truly familiar the music. 

Because of this, the couple additionally hired an Assyrian DJ to play the Persian and Assyrian music, since he’d be familiar with the popular songs, lyrics, etc. We were of course happy to work with him and spend time with him to make sure that we were all aligned before the couple’s wedding to make sure the transitions between DJs would be smooth and that the couple had nothing to worry about.  Of course, we were successful here!

We had a blast rocking with Melanie and Anthony and their guests until 1:30 in the morning!

Services by Paul Michaels Events: Rosemont Wedding Reception DJ, Rosemont Wedding Uplighting

Vendors we had the pleasure of working with:
Venue: Loews O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont
Photography: Ben Ramos Photography
Videography: Old North Film Company
Photobooth: Big Hugs Photobooth
Floral: Kio Kreations
Cake/Bakery: Cake Chicago

Check out some of our candid pictures below and feel free to tag yourselves on social media by clicking here! The pictures below were taken by us, and not by the event photographer. 

Wear Blue Run to Remember Gala at the Union League Club in Chicago

Blue Gala Fundraiser

The Wear Blue: Run to Remember Organization held their Annual Gala on July 19 at Chicago’s Legendary Union League Club in Downtown Chicago. We here at Paul Michaels Events had the honor of providing Dj and entertainment services for the evening. This organization takes on the incredibly challenging, but incredibly wonderful tasks of providing support to families who have lost their loved ones serving in the military.

They do this by hosting multiple running events throughout the country. Families are invited to train and participate in these events with other families who have gone through similar experiences. Their process helps people realize that they have the strength to ability to do anything they set their mind to; helping them complete physical feats they would have never thought possible. Most importantly these families do it all in remembrance of their fallen loved ones.

The night was definitely one to remember. It began with the national anthem played by a trumpeter and members of the US Marine Corps presenting the flag. Dinner service included presentations by a few members of the organization. They shared stories and memories about their journey with Wear Blue. It was an emotional, heartfelt event all around, but the stories these members shared really tugged at your heart and made everyone proud to be apart of the event. 

Many showed their generous side by donating directly to the organization, and others helped by bidding in a charity auction that offered everything from sports packages to vacation getaways. 

Once one of the spokeswomen gave us the cue, it was finally our time to shine and open the dance floor. DJ Brian and DJ Paul Michaels hit the crowd hard with all of the best dance hits to lift their spirits sky-high. They turned the final hour in Power hour and didn’t let one foot leave the dance floor. This organization is all about support and uplifting people who have experienced some bad things in life, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been able to play a part. 

See you next year at the Gala!


Check out some of our pictures from the event below!

Chicago Pride Parade with KPMG

Happy Pride, KPMG!

Paul Michaels Events recently was asked to provide full sound reinforcement for KPMG on top of their double-decker bus for Chicago’s 50th annual Pride Parade. If you’re not familiar…which we don’t know why you wouldn’t be, the parade takes place through the Boystown neighborhood in the City.  It is definitely not a small ordeal as this parade usually brings out over 1 million people in the Chicago area!

KPMG had an incredibly well-branded bus that their employees were proud to walk next to while sporting KPMG balloons and giveaways!

DJ Trois and DJ Paul Michaels provided four speakers and a full DJ system, all run off a mobile generator to keep us running independently from the bus. As we’ve mentioned in past posts, we make sure to take care of all the minute details when we’re asked to perform at any event. For this event, we did a ‘site walk’ to check out the double-decker bus at Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co to determine exactly what we’d needed in order to make sure we were doing possible to ensure that this event was the PERFECT event for KPMG

As with any outdoor event, the weather is always a concern, and although we did everything we could within our scope of control to make this a perfect event, mother nature had a different plan. Just as our bus was about to start moving to show out in the parade, the sky opened up and an unbelievable storm rolled in. Unfortunately,  that forced the parade to be canceled.

The day wasn’t a total loss, however, because the party began way before the parade was set to begin. Our friends from KPMG were able to hang out and party for pride in the bus staging area before the storm joined us!

Check out some of our pictures from the parade below!