Old School Wedding Traditions You Can Upgrade

Bride Throwing Bouquet

The American wedding comes with a variety of wedding traditions. While some are certainly here to stay (first dance!), in today’s wedding scene, couples have much more leeway to tweak, personalize, or completely ax wedding traditions that aren’t their vibe.

Guest Book:

To be honest, I’ve never fully understood the point of a formal guest book. I just can’t imagine sitting down with my future hubby on the couch and perusing the signatures of people who came to our wedding. Instead of the formal book, many couples opt for guests to leave their marks on items that can easily be displayed in the couple’s future home. Some of my favorite examples include having guests sign a bourbon barrel inscribed with the wedding date, or signing a copy of the couple’s favorite record.

Bridesmaid Clones

Long gone are the days of bridal parties wearing carbon-copied poofy-sleeved atrocities. Many brides today approach their bridesmaid’s dresses with a much kinder heart, permitting each lady the option to choose the dress style that’s most flattering, while sticking within a specific color or color palette. If you’re a really lucky maid, you’ll even find something that can be worn post-nuptials.

Bouquet/Garter Toss

While this wedding tradition is still largely going strong today, if the idea of your new husband getting all-up-in-there while your grandfather looks on makes you squeamish, there are other options. Perhaps a simple toast to the bride from the gentleman in the crowd will suffice. On the flip side, if bouquet toss comes around and you’re not comfortable pouring salt in the wounds of your single friends, there are certainly alternatives. Hand your bouquet over to your flower girl as a thank you, or give it as a sweet gift to the couple who’s been married the longest.

Wedding Favors

Realistically, your guests aren’t going to walk away from your wedding with their parting gift making the biggest impression of the evening. They’re going to leave full of memories of the amazing time they had! While favors are certainly a lovely cherry-on-top, one of my favorite alternatives was a couple who made a donation to a charity close to them, and left explanatory notes on the dinner tables.

Are there any wedding traditions you’re putting a new spin on for your big day? Let us know in the comments!