Situated in downtown Chicago, perched on the iconic Chicago River, you’ll find the lively restaurant which is a firm favorite with locals and tourists alike. River Roast is a restaurant that specializes in contemporary popular US foods done in a way that pays a true testament to these beloved national dishes.


This top Chicago river hot spot has a menu that is the very definition of a crowd-pleaser. It reads like a list of the nation’s favorites, and that’s what we absolutely love about it. Thanks to the extremely talented Executive Chef Cedric Harden, everything from succulent ribs and meat that is carved table side, to game changing roast corn and fried chicken (of course!) is up for grabs – so there’s no worries when it comes to bringing guests here, you know everyone will be spoilt for choice!


Choosing this spot for your wedding reception dinner is a sure fire way to provide your day with a vibe that is charming and truly heart-warming, and this restaurant will certainly breathe old fashioned charm and quintessentially American family feel into your celebrations.


River Roast also provides guests with the perfect spot to gaze out at stunning views of both the city and an outlook over the river too. The whole venue is designed with these views in mind, meaning for the diners, both inside and out, the backdrop to your meal is dramatic and magnificent.


We wanted to spotlight this gorgeous restaurant in our blog because our clients have always found that it makes for the perfect spot for their celebrations. It combines ‘soul warming’ (as they describe their intentions behind their dishes) food which brings all of your loved ones together, with an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and intimate.


If you’re drawn to this venue, whether it be the sound of its happy vibe or even just the read of the menu, we’ve worked alongside the team at River Roast so we can wholeheartedly recommend their services to you.


Now that you’ve got the food sorted, we can give you a hand with the entertainment for your wedding too. At Paul Michaels Events, we are Chicago’s most trusted DJ and entertainment company. Our fantastic levels of customer satisfaction comes from the way in which we work to really get to know each of our clients personally, because we know that this is the best way for us to achieve perfection for them on their wedding day. If you’d like to get to know us or find out a little bit more about what we do, just get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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