It was a pleasure to be invited back to Palos Heights, IL to provide our services at Chicago Christian High school’s Homecoming dance.  We were extremely excited about heading back out there as our last experience providing our High School Dance DJ services ended on a very high note.  These guys love to dance, and the fact that there was never a dead moment on the dance floor, is always a great sign for a great time. This visit was no different, because we came back bigger, badder, and better.

We brought an upgraded sound system that included 4 subwoofers and line array tops. As you can imagine, this created an earthquake of musical exhilaration. The addition of live controlled lighting displays definitely electrified the room, enhancing the overall experience and bringing the party to an entirely new level.

There was a great musical blend of new school with old school that we used to get the students and even some staff members bustin’ moves all night. Whether it was in the form of a conga line, a soul train line, or a mosh pit, there were always feet on the floor and hands in the air. It was a blast, the students didn’t seem to want to leave, and it always makes it fun for us to rock their night. We look forward to going back and doing all again.

There is no doubt that one of the best parts of being High School Dance DJs in Chicago is actually getting to take part in these types of high school dances. The energy, the attitudes, and the atmosphere is always top notch.

We hope to be back at Chicago Christian to light up the night for their next dance once again and be a part of creating memories that will last with these students a lifetime.  


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