The process of planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting yet challenging times of the whole experience. Understandably, you want the very best for your special night. One of the most challenging tasks is selecting the right catering service for your wedding.

How to Select a Caterer

One of the most important things that you can do to find the right catering service is to know precisely what you want to serve at your wedding. This will allow you to narrow down your search and accurately convey to the catering company what you expect from them. Once you’ve lined up some potential candidates, it is best to set up individual interviews with each one. Within these interviews, according to Vibrant Table, you should taste test the specific food you want for your night. The catering service should also give you an estimation of the cost as well as present any available packages that they offer for weddings.

What to Serve

Often, there is a misconception that all catering services are created equal, which cannot be further from the truth. First, you should always share the size of your guest list with your preferred caterer. Some catering service may not have the workforce or equipment to serve large crowds, such as those typically found at a wedding or corporate event. Next, make sure the caterer can serve the items you want. One of the best ways to ensure that not only are you receiving great food but that you’re also providing the food your guests like is to send out food option letters along with your wedding invitations. This can provide you with a reasonable estimation of the cost that you will pay to provide these options. Another thing to think about is whether you’ll serve alcohol at your wedding reception and, if so, how you’ll serve it. Providing an open bar is becoming more and more common at weddings. Asking your preferred caterer if the inclusion of a bartender can help you lower the cost as a package sale should be your first move. As a side note, always make sure your guests are not being overserved at the event. According to WB&T, even a blood alcohol level below the legal limit increases the risk of an accident.

Understand Your Contract

Wedding caterers are experts in putting on a show for potential clients, but the most important thing to keep in mind is not the display of your food but what is displayed in your contract, according to Aisle Planner. Often, wedding couples will receive a higher bill than what they agreed upon during the interview due to the fact that they didn’t read their contract carefully or at all. Some caterers will begin charging a fee after a certain amount of hours or a fee for bringing in extra workers to help. It cannot be overstated enough that you should always read and re-read your contract before signing your name.

Planning your wedding should be a fun and memorable experience. This can certainly be accomplished by remaining aware of your options and being proactive about those decisions. Simply follow the list above to begin laying down the foundation of a successful wedding night.

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