An outdoor event can create a memorable time for all guests involved. There are a few extra challenges to be aware of, like having a backup plan for rain (a tent) and making sure there is plenty of power (generator). But what makes an outdoor event worth those challenges will be the amazing views and an opportunity to enjoy fantastic weather. It you’re picking an outdoor venue, it is because it will look great especially at sunset. Here are some other top tips for hosting an outdoor event.

Your Food Should Be Outdoor-friendly

The top priorities for hosting any kind of event are venue, music and food. An outdoor event should have outdoor-friendly fare. It will help if the caterer you pick has already worked with outdoor parties. You’ll probably be hosting in warmer weather, so you want to make sure to avoid any type of dish that could spoil quickly in hot temperatures, unless you can refrigerate them somehow. Anything with mayonnaise or a cream sauce should be off the list, as well as heavy foods. The best options would be finger foods that are easy to carry. Light salads with a protein option like roast chicken or salmon are also a good idea.

Know Your Bathroom Options

Before you lock down the venue for your outdoor event, you will have to consider two important logistics: parking and bathrooms. A venue that is used to hosting big parties can accommodate both of those elements. A private valet service can help streamline the parking issues.

Depending on the location, you might need to provide restrooms in the form of portable toilets. There are many different types of porta potties, so there are definitely options. These units can also be decorated to match the theme of your event. Just don’t make your guests walk too long to reach the bathroom, especially if some of those guests are elderly or very young.

Think Ahead

It is not uncommon for an outdoor event to start in the afternoon and go into the night. That is why you want to make sure you have access to proper lighting. Not only will you need to light up the main area and dance floor, but also any pathways that lead away from that area. It is probably a good idea to pay a visit to the venue at night to judge for yourself what kind of lighting would be suitable.

Check Local Regulations

A remote farm is a nice choice for an outdoor event like a wedding reception because you probably won’t bother any neighbors. However, if your venue choice is anywhere need residential homes, then you’ll want to check the local regulations. There might be restrictions on how late an event can go or where people can park. You might also need additional permits. The last thing you want is the party being shut down early; this won’t exactly leave a good impression on the people who hired you to organize the event.

When all the elements come together just right, your outdoor event can become an amazing gathering.

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