When it comes to different trends, themes and decors, weddings are an ever changing – and so a particularly exciting – field to be in. We love being able to spot the rise of beautiful new trends, and witness their featuring in the ceremonies that take place here.

So, for any of our clients who are eagerly planning their upcoming ceremony, we’ve created a list of some or our top picks in the latest wedding decor trends.

1. Flowers, reinventions of the classics

Flowers have, of course, always been a wedding staple. But something that has been on the rise lately is the incorporation of more unusual varieties of white and cream flowers into ceremonies. These can include white roses, foxgloves, peonies, or even lilies.

You can easily create stunning sophisticated posh bouquets with ornate flowers that contain lots of beautiful green foliage too. With the foliage, vines and white flowers in your bouquet, you can also integrate these in both the decor, the table decoration and even to adorn the cake too. This is a beautiful subtle way to create unison and a running theme throughout your decor, so that it all looks polished. They provide a beautiful theme in and of themselves. 

2. A themed color throughout

A super effective wedding decor trend that we’ve seen is couples singling out a single color (it could be bright or pastel, or even a color that might even have a special significance to you as a couple), then using it at special featured points to bring a pop of color to the otherwise classically white, elegant decor. This color can be used in table decorations, ribbons, banners and flowers to add a bit of beauty into your decor.

3. Fairy lights

They’ve been an especially popular trend lately, and it’s easy to see why. These elegant delicate little lights not only add a touch of whimsy and delight to your decor, but the subtle, less harsh lighting that they provide helps establish a really romantic mood throughout your venue. The lights can also be colored, copper, or even take the form of battery-operated candles.


We’re one of Chicago’s top DJ companies and at Paul Michaels Events, we will make sure we get to know you both on a personal level, because we know from our experience that this is the best way to ensure that the experience that we provide you with is entirely unique, and that your wedding day has every detail and meets expectation that you could have ever hoped for. After all, we’re perfectionists too!

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