Having a bridal shower before your wedding day is an amazing pre-wedding event for many brides. A bridal shower is often an intimate and small-scale affair, and yet, it requires planning if you want it to be a success. Below are some tips to help you with planning your bridal shower.


  • Venue

As with every celebration, you need a venue to throw a bridal shower. However, because it’s a small party, sourcing for a venue is pretty easy. Bridal showers can be held at restaurants or at a relative’s house. But if you feel like being more out-of-the box, there are a lot of other venue options for you: a posh restaurant, a spa, a banquet hall, etc. 


  • Theme

Choosing a theme is optional but it certainly makes a bridal shower more fun. Centralizing a bridal shower will not only make it unique but can also make planning easier by establishing a theme to connect everything to.


The theme should be personalized in a way that reflects the bride’s uniqueness. You can coordinate  the outfits to the menu and decor ideas of the party to the theme.


  • Decor

Once you’ve decided on a theme, the next is to start purchasing or sourcing decor items that fit the theme. You can try to DIY your décor after getting inspiration from sites like Pinterest. You can also hire an expert if you feel a professional’s help is better.


  • Menu

No party is complete without excellent food. While planning the menu, you need to consider the size of the guest list, your guests’ needs and how you will be serving the food. 


Although small treats and finger foods are the most common in bridal showers, you can explore and do other ways of serving food to fit your event. Make sure whatever your caterers serve is enough to go round and you consider if your guests have allergies or special food needs.


  • Music and Games

Bridal showers should involve some great games to keep guests entertained. Plan and have fun games like trivia, icebreakers, bingo, etc. that will involve everyone. 


Also, don’t forget the music! It’s good to have a musical background for the celebration. If you are looking for some help with the entertainment, you can hire a DJ to entertain your guests or provide audio services. 


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