It goes without saying really but, because a wedding day is quite simply the most magical day of your life, you want to make sure that every single element within it is absolutely perfect. However, it’s easy to spend all of these hours making sure that the flowers look stunning, then choose the first wedding photographer that you come across, assuming that the photos will look great just because they’re a professional photographer.


But it’s not always that easy. Yes there are loads of extremely talented photographers out there, but you want to ensure that the photographer that you choose for your wedding day is passionate about their craft, and will ultimately create priceless keepsakes for you, preserving all of the wonderful moments that occur in this special day. This is why recommendations are so key to finding the perfect wedding photographer for you.


At Paul Michaels Events, we have extensive experience in the wedding industry and so we have worked with countless other external vendors, including a number of absolutely sensational photographers. So, as we wanted to share this knowledge with you, we decided to dedicate this week’s edition of our blog’s vendor spotlight series to one such professional wedding photographer, Esenam Photography.


Based in Chicago, Esenam is an exceptionally talented photographer, who has received an amazing amount of praise and rave reviews, even being named one of the best wedding photographers in Chicago by CBS Chicago.


The images that he creates are bright, light and beautiful, images that radiate raw emotion in a way that is truly authentic to how these feelings and moments were experienced on the day. In his own words, ‘My goal is to create images that transcend trends and fads to become timeless, an heirloom. Images to be enjoyed by future generations as much as you will enjoy them in your lifetime.’


So, while you and your partner are stuck in lockdown together (with very little going on to distract you), we’d recommend taking some time to have a look at Esenam’s stunning online portfolio of images. We chose to spotlight this gifted photographer in our blog because we share his passion for his craft, and the exceptional quality of the bespoke service that he offers to his clients.


At Paul Michaels Events, we specialize in providing weddings across Chicago with superb entertainment services that are personally tailored to meet the exact wishes of our clients. Our fantastic experience in the industry means that we can provide you with flawless wedding entertainment for an evening that is absolutely unforgettable. So, if you’d like to find out more about our sensational range of entertainment services, you can quickly and easily get in touch with us through our website.

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