If you and your partner are making a start to your wedding planning, we know that you’ll have a wonderful time bringing your vision to life together. This is a fantastic time to share as a couple, as you work together to secure all of the details for your dream wedding day.


There are lots of different components to sort, and there’ll be a few moments where you feel like you have a to-do list that’s never-ending! But you’ll soon get through it, step by step.


First things first, you’ll want to decide upon a picture-perfect wedding venue. You will probably already know just how key it is to get good recommendations for any vendors or locations that you have in mind, and so we wanted to help you out by sharing one of our favorite spots with you.


So, in this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight blog posts, we’ve decided to shed our spotlight on this magnificent Chicago wedding venue.


The Galleria Marchetti boasts a number of magnificent, ornate spaces that absolutely radiate glamor. These include a combination of indoor and outdoor spots, with picture-perfect courtyards and gardens. The entire venue possesses a distinctive old-world charm, as the ultimate in European-inspired sophisticated style. This bright, light, and luxurious venue is the perfect location for a wedding day that combines a modern aesthetic with romantic, traditional splendor.


When it comes to hosting weddings, the Marchetti family possesses an unparalleled level of expertise. The family has been working in Chicago’s service and hospitality industry for almost a century. Today, the staff are of the highest caliber, providing exceptional service with the highest attention to detail, ensuring that your wedding day will go off absolutely flawlessly.


Now that you’ve got a gorgeous wedding venue in the bag, the next step is securing yourself some fantastic entertainment. At Paul Michaels Events, we also pride ourselves on the sensational quality of our entertainment services. We are professional wedding entertainment specialists and have earnt ourselves an outstanding reputation as one of Chicago’s top DJ companies.


We are committed to working with all of our clients on a close, personal basis, to ensure that the services you receive are bespoke and exactly match everything that you had hoped for on the evening. If you would like to tick another job off your wedding planning to-do list and secure your wedding entertainment with us, you can contact our team here.



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